Sunday, April 27, 2014

sunday selfie and yellow blouse

yellow blouse

The new thing I like to do, with a feng-shuied bedroom of sorts, is to hang out a sweet blouse/shirt and a skirt on the wardrobe. So no matter what, the first thing I see in the morning is a pretty sight. It may not be the thing I wear that day, but it's a great way to start a brand new day, a bit of eye candy.

Today it was the yellow blouse I got yesterday - have been oogling it for months, gorgeous colour, model and fabric (very heavy viscose), happy blouse! - and an ancient skirt. (Which alas doesn't fit anylonger but I adore the model and fabric so I've kept it for sentimental reasons. I'm also thinking it's a doable job to have it altered to fit again or at least have it as a pattern for making a new skirt, as the model is fab.) A spring outfit installation. It was the perfect sweet thing to wake up to.

ztina and me

Not a great fan of the concept of selfies, for all sorts of reasons. But now and then the end result is pretty fun. Especially, or most always, there's a cat involved. After a rather exhausting week, for all sorts of reasons, it was a tired and slow day for me today. But never mind me in the selfie-portrait, it's the perfect impression of beauty you should be looking at. Namely Ztina. She looks surreal, but I assure you, she is quite real. Also known as the upside down cat.

It's not only a sunday of selfies and blouses, but also, believe it or not, the very last Sunday of April. It's been a month that just swooshed by, so much has happened. If I'd do a summation I'd say it's been an overall very good month of unexpected things, work and lots of sunshine. Cherry blossom trees, Easter, spectacular nailpolish, cake failure and cake success hand in hand, cat photo bombinga new Hoptimist in da house and the reflection over something significant that happened ten months ago.

I'm looking forward to May. And I'm more than ready for new beginnings and the embracing of goodness. Bring it on!

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Titania said...

Lovely blouse and skirt combination; what a good idea, to beautiful to keep hidden in the armoire. Lovely selfie, a beautiful girl and a blue eyed cat,so nice. Happy spring days dear Pia.

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