Tuesday, April 01, 2014

the carrot soap

carrot stuff at lush

one of the most awesome skincare products i've ever seen -
a supersized carrot soap! and with a jumping rabbit inside the mould! 

of course this appealed immensely to someone with the carrot defect,
so yes i bought a piece of of it. smells lovely too.

carrot stuff at lush

they also sell adorable carrot shaped bath bombs! 

these perfect easter gifts for all senses
can be found in a lush store near you.


Marie said...

Sadly no Lush shop here, but I do love the soap and have passed the link on to friends who I know will think it's a hoot.

Shaheen said...

I haven't been inside Lush for a long while, may have to just to get high on those wonderful smells.

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