Friday, April 25, 2014

upside down cat

the upside down cat

To have cats in your life is a delightful blend of inspiration, calming, perspective giving and happiness instigating. Litter boxes and cat hair are the non delightful ingredients of a life with cats, but somehow that most always seem like a wee price in comparison with all the fabulousness one gets.

Let's talk about the inspiration part, because inspirations is always good for you. In order to become a better version of you I think it's essential to surround yourself with animals other than the human animal. All their quirks and whims make you see yourself and your own behaviour in new lights. Far from always in a flattering way.

I think most of us is pretty occupied with showing a facade of calm and collected in most situations, to be in control even if our emotions are in turmoil. We play games on different levels. We're not very good at showing our true emotions of what we want and don't want. We should be better at saying "no" but also at saying "yes, yes, yes!". In work, friendship and love. I think non human animals are really good at that. I think we should all be inspired.

So if I was a braver, truer person I would do like Ztina, I'd go "hey you, I seriously dig your vibes wanna hang out?". Well perhaps not exactly throw myself belly up in front of that person demanding belly rubbing and an instant cuddle, but you get the point. Fabulous furries don't play games, people do. Showing feelings and affection should never be wrong. What the world needs more of is love, more true emotions (and some belly rubbing).

Lessons my cats taught me -
I want to be a truer me, how about you?

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Elephant's Child said...

One at least of my cats does play mind games.
Just the same how I would love to be able to relax as well as they do - and to be a fraction as flexible as a cat would be amazing too.

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