Wednesday, April 23, 2014

green alpaca lace shawl

cherry blossom 2014

Behold the finished result of the eternity shawl! Or scarf. The thing that annoys me - no matter how pleased I am about the end result - is that it was supposed to be a triangular shawl, a supersized one. In order to get that I measured and counted, measured and counted and then some, I thought it would take 9 hanks to get there.

cherry blossom 2014

After 3-4 hanks I realised something was wrong and yes I had completely miscalculated both the size and amount of yarn to get there... And as it was getting heavier and heavier by each row crocheted I also realised it would be impossible to get it finished as a triangular shawl if I ever wanted to be able to actually wear it.

cherry blossom 2014

Conclusion; it is a lovely piece, which took quite a lot of time to finish. It's not exactly what I aimed at, but good in its own way. I'm glad it didn't turn out to be a forever project but finished in a reasonable amount of time. You can follow its progress in these posts - January 12, January 17 and March 23.

16 hanks in three different pastel green hues to get there (not the calculated 9...) and I decided it was a finished shawl/scarf. To be inaugurated next winter. But before it was sent to summer hibernation it got its few minutes of fame udner the magic pink light of the cherry blossom trees 2014. They went really well together, wouldn't you agree?

green alpaca shawl


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Congratulations. It is beautiful.

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