Wednesday, April 16, 2014

spy wednesday thoughts

it's been a colourful week so far, in many ways. which always is a grand thing. busyness and slowness due to the fact that a lot of people seem to have easter holidays this week (schools are closed in sweden). though most will have a long, glorious weekend from tomorrow thursday. (that is those of us who don't do brocken.)

myself i will spend most of easter weekend working, which i actually don't mind. important assignment with a deadline needs tlc and full attention. and the i can take a day off middle of the week-thing is such a treat anyway. so work it is. fun work.

i will of course have some easter weekend treats thrown in. because easter really is the best of all holidays. and this year there are two birthdays during the weekend too. so i'm sure it'll be a well spent weekend in many ways (although to be quite honest i'm already looking forward to next week...).

for the accountant

this week i also handed in papers and receipts to my accountant and can now move on to a new fiscal year. an overall new year, with new beginnings. and ends. 

i'm not sure why, but every time i visit the accountant i get a distinct feeling i've behaved like a bad school-girl. there's just something quite uncomfortable with someone else knowing too much about my financial situation. could i have made things differently or better, why did i do that or is this cost really deductible. i'm so looking forward to the day i have my finances in great shape again. and not feeling like a misbehaving child when i visit the accountant. 

hey, 2014, let's make that happen too!

el naturalista red

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