Wednesday, April 02, 2014

from cake failure to success

saffron apple cake

The first thing I decided to use a couple of kind eggs for was the saffron apple cake (recipe from Söta kakor/The sweet cakes books from Cafe Tant Gredelin) I made last year. I had every hope it would turn out as "beautiful, moist, dense and rich, with apples and saffron in perfect harmony, neither overpowering the other" as last time. 

Well for such an outcome you should remember not to set the timer in the kitchen, leave the kitchen, get to work in the office accompanied by loud music for a couple of hours. Suddenly remembering there was a cake to be in the oven...

from cake failure to success

The only ones happy about this burnt disaster were the birds. The perfect April Fool's joke I played on myself one might say.

I decided to throw myself back in to the baking saddle today and can happily report it was a roaring success; the cake turned out perfect and flavourful - if you haven't tried baking with almond milk you really should, I find that cakes turn out extra lovely and moist using that - and the only thing black near the cake was a furry liquorice inspector.
from cake failure to success

I'm glad to report that as a creative person I embraced the cake failure and moved on to success. I also learnt that I should never leave the room where the timer is set. Bring the timer is my new mantra.

saffron apple cake


Elephant's Child said...

Oops. Been there, done that.

Marie said...

What a lovely photo, surrounded by the pretty Glory-of-the-Snow.

As for the first effort... well at least the birds were happy. I've sometimes left the oven on "Start" mode with both elements on and then wondered why the cake smells cooked after only half the time in the oven. Doh! It's annoying to feel as though you've wasted time, effort and ingredients. Luckily you had the energy to do it all again!

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