Sunday, April 06, 2014

sunday reflections


Sometimes the heart and mind are so full of ideas, thoughts, feelings that it's quite a labour to simply sort them out and see the goals. When that happens (as it often does) I believe it's a good idea to take a step back or at least stop and reflect for a while. Before you write down the next steps and move on.

coconut and chocolate truffle cake

It is also a good idea to bake. While sorting your thoughts out. Today I made a coconut cake with chocolate truffle. Which was quite a feast. For both the eye and palate. I've decided to only use the kind eggs for baked goodies alone, cooking with eggs isn't my cup of tea anyway. I'm looking forward to filling the freezer with delicious things.

I do not take those eggs for granted and I have no idea when I will be able to get some again, so I think it's important to make really lovely and memorable things with them (and I'll try my very best not to bake for the birds again).

Three selected good things that happened this weekend;

* I finished the eternity shawl - anti-climactic of sorts, not really sure what project to continue with now. Perhaps simply finish that tulip sweater, hrm, yes it's been three years since I blogged about it...

* Saturday was a gloriously sunny day - one thing I've really come to treasure, actually realizing it only these past few years, with living on these latitudes is the way people start acting so very differently when spring arrives. A certain buzz in the air comes with the sun and higher temperatures, of easygoingness, friendliness and harmless flirtation. And perhaps gratitude for being able to put the long darks months behind us finally.

* I lost a mitten at a seminar I attended a month ago. It was a really good mitten. For various reasons I haven't been able to go look for it until now. And now it is back in my possession. The pink mittens have been reunited and they seem utterly grateful for it. As am I.

Do you have three selected good things
that happened during your weekend?
If so, care to share?


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Sienna Smythe said...

We all need to find time to reflect. The more all-round our activities, the better off we are. With the nicer weather, it is just nice to take a long walk in the sunshine and observe, instead of concentrating on what we are doing.... (or need to do)

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