Saturday, April 12, 2014

shoes and cat meet cute

shoe per diem april 12, 2014

As a firm believer of "take every chance you can to make things special" I did so today. The special thing of the day was "the first day of wearing shoes not boots" and it was pretty awesome. I wore the lovely ART oxfords from last summer.

Though it was such a mild spring day it was also quite obvious the fabulous happy coat will have to go into summer hibernation any day now. And that will be a tricky thing, because I do not have any spring coats which are anything remotely as lovely as that one. Ah, such luxuary issues...

shoe per diem april 12, 2014

Shoes worn with rather smashing stockings, roses roses roses. And to be quite honest, I did go all flowery from top to toe. Which was really lovely. Just as lovely as to be able to wear shoes, not boots again.

The look got all paws up from a little red inspector. You can always rely on them cats to have awesome taste.

shoe per diem april 12, 2014


Poppy Q said...

Your shoes and tights look lovely Miss Pia, and we love your little ginger assistant.

I am in the process of buying new boots, as our seasons reverse and we need warmer shoes. Goodbye summer birkenstocks, hello fleecy slippers and boots.

Have a great week.

Julie and Poppy Q

Kea said...

Those stockings are just terrific, love them. I never see anything like that here...but then, I'm not looking, either. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by -- wishing you a glorious spring!

Unknown said...

Great look! Very Spring like. Nice to see the Ginger observer, out and about! Here's to a warm spring and an early summer. Cheers!

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