Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter yellow

fabulous yellow and orange yarn
a very yellow easter eve has contained fabulous yarn - a yarn store is truly like a mesmerizing candy store, better for your health if not for the wallet... i didn't get any of this particular yarn, but i did get some other for a particular project i've decided to begin when i've finished (sigh) the tulip sweater.

easter breakfast
a special breakfast at a special place held a delightful peach pie,

easter shoe per diem
blue and yellow, granny square boots and yellow handbag is back in use! such things that makes it easier to cope with hibernation for the fabulous happy coat...

fox theme
foxy fox cushions,

easter bunny
an easter bunny in a window and

easter candy for two
a little bowl of easter candy for two.

hope your easter eve has been a sweet one!


Marie said...

Preach pie for breakfast sounds so wonderful. I could get used to that :-)

I love your boots. They're really eye catching. And the Fos and Robin cushions are beautiful as well. I wish we had more interesting shops here...

Have a lovely Easter. It's warm and sunny here and I'm about to head out into the garden for the afternoon.

Britt said...

I really love all your shoes.

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