Tuesday, April 22, 2014

three sweet things

cherry blossom sthlm 2014

Today I thought I'd just share three fine kind of things ~

:: A while ago I learnt about the awesomeness that is El Naturalista's new vegan shoe line - many lovely models and colours there. I do believe the Sila summer sandals are screaming my name, they remind me so much of those lovely purple cork oak sandals that broke some years ago. And I have been looking for another pair of peep toe sandals ever since. Colour combo unknown. The red with black sole is nice, but so is the black with pink sole. And the pink with white sole. And the green with black sole.


:: Did you know that the gorgeous Marimekko Unikko (poppy) pattern celebrates its 50th anniversary this year? Unfortunately the link to the story and celebrations doesn't seem to work but you can always pop over to the website and check out the Unikko line. I think it is very much still going strong, such a timeless and happy-instigating design. One of my most treasured Unikko pieces is my umbrella. Glum rainy days get a sprinkle of magic in the company of it.


:: And finally, a precious story about a cat adopting motherless ducklings. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the long version of the clip someone posted on Facebook, but this wee clip is pretty grand too. There's always room for a bit of awww any day, wouldn't you say?

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