Thursday, April 17, 2014

speckled egg nailpolish

speckled egg nails

This spectacular nailpolish actually shows the power of social media. Albeit a more superficial part of it, but still. Hadn't I seen a fabulous snap of it on Instagram I would never (probably) have known there was such a grand thing a speckled egg nailpolish.

A UK brand not sold in Sweden (yet) called Models Own, very affordable prices though alas Boot's doesn't ship to Sweden. But the gal who sported the nailpolish on Instagram helped me find the Models Own webshop which does ship overseas. At a rather hefty price I might add. But if one order with other nailpolishtas the price gets reasonable of course.

speckled egg nails

The most fascinating thing about the order was that I placed it on Saturday evening and on Tuesday it arrived with FedEx already...! I am so impressed, that's much quicker than if you'd order something in Sweden to be shipped in Sweden... I'm so happy it actually arrived in time for Easter.

speckled egg models own

Less impressed with the unfortunate thing that one of the bottles was broken upon arrival. The package reaked of nailpolish and it was a nervous thing to open the parcel. But I'm grateful it was only one bottle which didn't make it. Hopefully that issue will be sorted asap.

It's a lovely polish irl too, the effect is quite magical I have to say. To actually have nails looking like tiny pastel speckled eggs, who knew that was even possible?

speckled egg models own

And needless to say, one can always rely on them bobbaloos to be colour matching to anything fine that arrives to this household.

Have a lovely lovely Easter one and all,
speckled egg nails or not!


Marie said...

*♥ covet ♥ covet ♥*

Oh Pia, your nails look lovely. I've never seen anything like it before. I'll have to investigate getting some myself.

Britt said...


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