Thursday, April 10, 2014

easter hoptimist inspection

easter hoptimist inspection

This unexpected gift today made me really really happy. Because I've been looking for an Easter Hoptimist for years, in vain. The model is sadly not available in shops in Stockholm anymore and every Easter just seems to happen to appear before I have the time to buy one from the web shop.

easter hoptimist inspection

This year I got one and just in time for Easter! Feeling all hoptimistically bouncy.

easter hoptimist inspection

The Prosit sisters did a dutiful inspection. All was well and they were able to give two x four paws up.

Easter Hoptimist will now join the Hoptimist family of two, Little Lime and Reindeer. A trio of goodness and fun, just in time for my favourite holiday Easter.


CrimsonAnna said...

Such a little cutie =)

Marie said...

I love it! ♥

I've bookmarked the site for future reference - I think the Christmas reindeer are great too.

Unknown said...

A great addition to Easter Traditions!

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