Friday, July 10, 2015

a little bit of turquoise here and there

stockholm, july 2015 -

I happened to be sporting my blue sandals while happening to wear turquoise-blue nail polish.
I had just bought a lovely icy blue turquoise-ish cardigan on summer sale in one of my clothes favourite shops in Stockholm.
And then I happened to sit down with a perfect cup of oat-latte at a turquoise table at one of my favourite cafes in this city of mine. (Where I mostly buy fantastic teas.)

Perfectly delightful little matching details, wouldn't you agree?

1 comment:

CrimsonAnna said...

Ah, lovely match =) And turquoise is a great summer colour, though I find it's a colour which is fine all year =) Speaking of sandals and nail polish, when I was 16-17, I used up half a bottle of orange nail polish, because it was exactly the same color as my favorite sandals =)

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