Wednesday, July 08, 2015

welcome to my colourful garden corner

Certain lassies might think the new garden seat cushions are for them. But really they're not. 

I had always said that when I got around getting another perky garden chair they would get a pair of special seat cushions. 

I had my eyes set on a nice one from Gudrun Sjödén, but when I saw this - in the same style as my carrot cardigan from last summer - it really REALLY screamed my vegetable loving name. 

Organic cotton in the most wonderful pattern. Very robust and comfortable for the heinie. Snatched the very two last ones. So happy and relieved about that.

Inaugurated them with a luxuary breakfast the other day. It was de-lovely and I'm looking forward to more weather permitting summer days to come.

And no no no, they are not perfect seat cushions for adorable fluffies. They are not.

Chairs from IKEA
Seat cushions from Gudrun Sjödén

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