Friday, July 03, 2015

løv is in berlin

prosit roadtrip, berlin, june 2015 -

Befitting somehow, that the very first tin of löv tea I bought was in Berlin 2011. I loved the red berries flavour! And I've been a great fan since.

Though admittedly, for an organic tea brand with teas that comes in pretty tins ready to be refilled again and again and... it's really odd that there are no refills in every country that sells the tea. Not available in Sweden, nope nada. And to order a refill from their website is absolutely crazy ridiculously expensive with the postage.

Thus for me, when a tin is empty it is empty for good unless I can find a refill.

prosit roadtrip, berlin, june 2015 -

So you can imagine how absolutely giddy I became when I spotted a löv tea flagship store in Berlin! (In the vicinity of Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers.) Yes I bought two new tins recently, buut the tins available in Sweden aren't the complete assortment and obviously I had to browse the shop. Besides, the rule is "you an never have too many teas".

løv is in berlin - prosit in berlin, june 2015

Oh it was a löv löv lövely shop! Colourful, bright, stylish and peaceful. With a very helpful shop assistant. I could probably have bought pretty much the entire shop, but I modestly ended up with two, new rooibos tins and a refill for the red berries tin above - though unfortunately they don't sell black tea anymore (?!) so I had to opt for a green version instead - plus a really adorable tea timer. In the fab canvas bag. And I got some complimentary tea bags.

løv is in berlin - prosit in berlin, june 2015

I feel another tea post coming, because the whole shopping experience was so utterly pleasant. It's not all that often that happens, as a whole. The colourful teas and accessories deserve their own post.

To be honest, I did buy quite a lot of tea in Berlin, not only these löv teas. In fact I think all the teas were actually my best buys in Berlin. Teas are always great, tasteful and tasty souvenirs. Thank you löv tea Berlin.

løv is in berlin - prosit in berlin, june 2015

Yelp reviewed the shop here.

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