Thursday, July 30, 2015

the little recycling wardrobe inspector

Needed a change. Mainly regarding the keeping of the recycling bins (paper bags). Thought a lot about smart and appealing solution, that the cats can't interfere too much with. 

Maybe create and build something? But came to the conclusion that up a cute blue (trying to have a blue theme in the hallway) second hand wardrobe would probably be an easy and affordable solution. 

And here it is, not completely assembled yet, the frame needs to be attached. But I love the style á la Mickey Mouse-ish and certainly bobbaloo approved. And with lots of room for recycling of everything.

No room for cats inside. But this is what I found on top the same evening it arrived - snoopervision from above. There's no escape from that.

Looking forward to my new and improved hallway - with pictures to follow!

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