Friday, July 17, 2015

the art of ageing

the awesome fabulous fashionistas documentary, available on svt play (sweden only) until august 6, 2015

Someone on Instagram tipped me about this documentary on Swedish television about older women being absolutely fabulous and proving getting older does not in any way mean you have to get drab, grey and settle for a senior-mode or an inactive lifestyle. I never catched it on TV but it is still available on SVT Play (in Sweden only, with the title Pantertanter och krutgubbar: Mode) until August 6 - and I do urge you to watch it!

Because it's a great British documentary from 2013 - I remember hearing about it back then but it hasn't been shown in Sweden until now sadly -, showing 6 different, active women from the age 73 up to 91 that are absolutely aweinspiring and fantastic. It's called Fabulous Fashionistas and if you're able to watch it outside Sweden you really should.

Read more about the documentary here and here. None of the women had had plastic surgery and some of them showed that looking fabulous and stylish has nothing to do with money, charity shops, thrift stores and flee markets are great sources when you're on a modest budget.

Some truly inspiring 45 minutes of your life. Promise.

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