Friday, July 31, 2015

bye july

äppelfabriken garden & cafe, ekerö, stockholm, july 2015

Time to say goodbye to July, it has been a lovely, relaxing summer month of rain and sun which has been so good for nature. And sleep.

I know most Swedes are total weather grumps - all year round, no matter what the weather is, complaining is the thing. People are just boring and weird that way. - and of course they have been complaining and whining all summer long that it hasn't been a proper summer yada yada yada. But you know what, nature loves it! And there have been quite a few sunny days and decent temperatures around +25. The perfect mix. Much preferred over the last three summers which have been incredibly hot and left the gardens and nature in a dry mess. Plus seriously sleep depriving. I'm grateful I don't live in the south of Europe, the temperatures there seems crazy high this year too with no relief days.

If I would say one negative thing about the summer of 2015 so far it would be that on the cloudy days there has been a distinct, un-summery chill in the air. But still, why so many people dress in high boots (!) and thick jackets for that I have no idea, that's just crazy summer kill joy behaviour.

That said it has been a rather slow month, much like June (with the grand exception of Berlin then of course). I've treasured that slowness a lot. Reading, sleeping in, drinking tea, listening to music on the sunbed, watching movies - and a great style documentary -, eating strawberries, those are good activities.

new haircut (yes. really), july 2015

  • I cut my hair. Much shorter than I usually do. I needed a change. Not really visible in the picture, but it's assymetric and much shorter in the back than in the front. And I can still do a ponytail. Though, let's face it, if I don't do anything really drastic to my hair and diligently style it (which I rarely have the time or inclination for, despite all my awesome hair products) it will look pretty much the same - ie the curse of the the curly hair

cafe drömkåken, sweden, july 2015

  • I've enjoyed my blue sandals a lot, they have been truly wonderful to walk in.

alsta trädgårdar, sweden, july 2015 -

  • There have been regular eating of good brunches - and by that I mean a sleep in followed by a sandwich and pastry at a sweet garden cafe of choice.
  • There has been working and ooing over my snazzy new office equipment, thank you Berlin.
  • There is a bobbaloo car in da house.
  • As well as a new but second hand wardrobe for all important recycling (plastic, tins, glass, paper, cardboard, deposit etc). The old sofa I thrifted when I moved to my second apartment 24 years (!) ago and then did a fine job re-upholstering, a job that through the years have been properly destroyed by various cats has finally been put down and sent to sofa heaven. I feel both sad and relieved. But is is cleansing. Finally I seem to be getting the hallway in practical and pleasing order, adapted to cat owning factors.
  • Got an unexpected and pleasing email from a long term project-client. It's nice to be appreciated.
  • But sadly no month without the madness of heartless people doing vile things to animals, I've cried over the horrific end for Cecil the lion. And for all the other poor animals who never ever get a chance of life because the is such a despicable thing as canned hunting. Hopefully some good things will come out of this from all the justified outrage and great people who work against the madness of vile hunters and animal abusers.

Now I'm looking forward to August with excitement. Even if I have worked all through summer it has of course not been as intense as it can be, I'm looking forward for it to be, new business collaborations and new clients, networking, lunches and discussions. It's going to be such fun!

But of course summer is far from over yet. Before all that fun begins there will be other funs, like shorter roadtrips and a visit to the Skåne region - and dinner at lovely Friden gårdskrog - as well as Copenhagen.

Thank you, July 2015, 
you have been a good month for mind and body.
Welcome August, we're going to have such fun together, I'm sure!

food stockholm, summer 2015 -

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