Thursday, July 16, 2015

all marimekko dress-ed for success

marimekko summer dresses 2015

This has certainly been a summer for quite a few dresses moving in with me. And the Unikko one is not the only Marimekko, it now has the company of two more.

And while I still advocate downsizing, wardrobe cleansing and not hoarding plus anti-consumerism I apparently struggle a bit to not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Of that I am aware. But that, my dears, is a whole other blog post. So in order to keep this one a bright, light, carefree, non-guilty and happy post, let's talk dresses. Because dresses is always a happy subject, old and new.

marimekko summer dresses 2015

For the last-ish 25 years I've been a skirt and blouse/sweater gal. Rarely have I been seen, or comfortable, in jeans and trousers. They make me feel uncomfortable and restrained, like I've dressed in someone else's clothes. While skirts make me happy, at ease and comfortable. From a lawyer in a suit, to a lawyer in a skirt and cardigan to an ex-lawyer whose suit is basically just that; skirt + shirt + cardigan althrough the year.

The past 8ish years or so I've been lucky enough to find really great dresses too. Possibly not as many as I would like to have as a change in my wardrobe all-year-round, but more than good enough for most people. *She writes with slightly pink cheeks*.

marimekko summer dresses 2015

Because to be honest, a really good and comfortable dress that fits your body-type and curves (or non-curves) and will last in quality and style is hard to find. So whenever luck would have it and a perfect one comes your way you really have to say yes to the dress, right? Right.

So that's what I've done recently, not only once but twice apparently. First one is, granted, the kind of dress I've dreamt about for years and years but never ever found the perfect model that fits; the shirtdress. I had oogled this fabulous orange-white linen dress since this spring.

marimekko summer dresses 2015

I would gladly have tried it on pre-sale except it has not been available in the Swedish Marimekko shops in this model. I've laid my hands on the same fabric in another dress though and it was so lovely. I adore linen, but rarely find good clothes in it. (Laid hands as in touched, not bought,)

So when the sale finally came I was really keen, even though I didn't know my size or fit of dress, to buy it online. I'm so happy to say it fits like a comfortable glove. So I am now avery  happy proprietor of a great summer shirtdress! Yes it does have side pockets. Fab fab fab.

marimekko summer dresses 2015

A professional AND summery relaxed all in one dress me thinks. Over to dress number two:

When in Berlin I tried a Marimekko jersey dress on just for fun. It was in a black and white doodle pattern, oversized with side pockets and it looked lovely - although I never ever buy black/white things ya' know, this one did have a quirky pattern - until I put it on and the top part of the dress model was so ridiculously tight while the bottom part had room for someone 10 sizes larger. Such a pitiful design flaw. But well, I definitely hadn't thought of getting yet another dress this summer. I really hadn't. It was alright. Really.

marimekko summer dresses 2015

Then as luck would have it I popped by one of the shops in Stockholm where they now have 60% sale and spotted a black/white doodle jerseydress in a likely to fit size all alone there on a shelf. tried it on and it was adorable! I will never ever be a black/white person of course, but this one is such a fun piece (alas no side pockets, it wasn't the same model as in Berlin). For a really great price. I will save it for autumn I think though, it will look great with colourful stockings and red shoes. And it's nice to have something unworn and fresh to look forward to I think.

And that's the story about this year's summer dress-mania. Hopefully they will make many a day stylish in the many years to come. All dress-ed for success etc etc.

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Unknown said...

Black and white is a great go to in any is the shoes that make the difference! It can be a very dressy look, with the right accessories!

(Never look a gift-horse in the mouth....LOL!)

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