Monday, July 13, 2015

stay curious!

prosit ord & bild quotes, july 2015

Apparently I'm now the proprietor of not only a gazilion bobbaloos - which never is a bad thing of course - but also three Sonny Angels.

I've been wanting a carrot one for ages so I was *a bit* excited when I finally found one. Felt sorry for him to be all alone, so I got him a friend. Since there was no beetroot, raspberry or pineapple (my second fav vegetable and favourite fruits) I saw one with a funny pink bathing cap. But since the store clerk said it was a carnation (a flowr I have no special relation with) I went with the Morning Glory because it was such a perky "hat".

When I got home I saw that the "carnation" was in fact "cherry blossom", a flower I adore. Thus I got a third one. That's how quickly things can happen.

But as the title and quote say, stay curious and dip your toes in new waters. You might love it!

And three IS a magic number.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Curiosity, is what makes life, go on and on and on....without it, we would be going nowhere!!

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