Friday, July 24, 2015

i bought a frilly blouse

shops stockholm, summer 2015

Yes I know. It's certainly not as if I need any more clothes. But this sheer blouse, isn't it gorgeous? When I first saw it in shop window little over a month ago I just stopped and sighed. Loved all those delicate details at first sight. But too expensive for me - if not for the work itself - I thought I wait and possible have a look and try come summer sales.

So today I went to have that look. Ideally I was looking for the pale blue one (picture below) because that's certainly not a colour I have in my wardrobe. But unfortunately that was obviously the case for everyone else. I tried it on in the beige colour above and white. They both looked really lovely and it did turn out you don't need to be flat chested to wear this style. Ended up with the beige one because it's less see through and easier to style.

Lovely piece and all the attention to details, such summer sweetness. And I love how it simultaneously incorporates both business- and holiday-mode depending on the accessories.

 shops stockholm, summer 2015

Blouse from Swedish company Hunky Dory.

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