Thursday, July 02, 2015

ginger herb coughdrops

prosit in berlin, juni 2015 -

Briefly mentioned I got a cold during the last days in Berlin. So so grateful it didn't happened upon arrival, that would have been truly awful.

Found these ginger herb coughdrops - seriously not bonbons at all, whatever where they thinking giving this very effective cold remedy a candy status?? - in Germany and they kept me (reasonably) sane all the long way back home to my own bed. As I always lose both my sense of smell and taste a few days in to a cold I couldn't really tell if they tasted good all I know is that they were really strong and that inside the hard drop there's soft, gooey ginger paste. My throat loved them.

I remember I bought another tin of special coughdrops at a pharmacy in Wittenberg some years ago, they have been brilliant too.

Go figure you have to go to Germany to get decent herbal remedies in coughdrop shape, Swedish coughdrops that make a difference like this do not exist alas.

I most certainly don't plan to get a cold anytime soon again (touch wood) but at least I do have some of these aweseom ginger herb non-bonbons left for whenever that happens next time.

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Shaharoh said...

My throat's been bothering me lately so I guess I'll have to hit up Trader Joes or Whole Foods for the US equivalent. I'm not a huge fan of ginger, but I'm a huge fan of feeling better so if that means ginger, then I'll take the plunge!

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