Thursday, July 23, 2015

the daily wonders

prosit quotes, july 2015

There's no denying alas that we're living in a, for many reasons, bleak world. But instead of only dwelling on that - and my best tip is still not reading the newspapers or watching the news - let's focus on the good stuff as much as possible, okey? Be on the lookout for small and big wonders.

In doing that we will
a) feel better ourselves
b) get more positive energy
c) be able to focus that energy on contributing with goodness to this world

flowers, 2014 -15 -

This is one of my personal little wonders of this summer: the rose bush which I didn't even know I had. So far, since I moved in here nearly 14 years ago, it has only produced one gorgeous rose every summer. Planted by the previous owners I haven't given it much thought only admired that one beauty every season. This year however it was suddenly a whole rose bush bursting with buds, I counted to at least 30 of them at one time.

flowers, 2014 -15 -

Such a gorgeous, unexpected surprise. And in an amazing colour. Nature's little wonders are indeed aweinspiring. I rarely cut flowers from my own garden. But I admit to having cut a few of these beauties. It's been such loveliness having them in a pretty little vase in the office.

What's your best little wonder/s of this summer?

summer food, july 2015

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