Tuesday, July 21, 2015

swedish strawberries, british inspector

summer food, july 2015

As usual the swedishness of these strawberries doesn't tempt me more than if its origin was another country. Still there are a lot of them around this time of the year and I try and eat as many as possible, without getting tired of them.

So far the quality has been 50 - 50 ie, half have been very good, juicy and sweet, half has had one of these flaws: not sweet or juicy, unripe or moulded within 24 hours before I could even clean them (those were the most expensive once from an organic food store that turned out to be very less than 100% organic AND sold their non-organic strawberries in plastic containers...).

My very best li'l kitchen gadget, the stem gem, has worked a lot this summer. And I have consumed a large amount of vitamin C in strawberry shape.

Hopefully there are lots more to be enjoyed. Summer food delight.

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