Sunday, July 12, 2015

movies times six

movies, july 2015 - 5 love + 1 hate

The obvious pros of rainy summer weather is that its perfect for reading books and watching movies. Yes I've read books ready to be reviewed too, but this post is all about movies.

The very good, the awful and the one yet to be watched.

Pride - loved it! Heartwarming, funny and hopeful. That it's based on a true story is actually quite mindblowing.

Birdman - absolutely. utterly. awful. One of the worst movies I've ever seen actually. Pretentious and laughingly bad. That it won an Oscar for best movie is completely incomprehensible.

Paddington - so. much. love! Finally got to see it. So well made and adorable, the dark and sad streaks made it even more lovable. Oh the colours! The fabulous home of the family Brown. And Mrs Browns wonderful wardrobe (those purple high heel oxfords...). The expressive fluffy Paddington bear. With the voice of lovely Ben Whishaw.

movies, july 2015 - 5 love + 1 hate

Kingsman, the secret service - hadn't heard of this one, but I really enjoyed it very much. And not only because Colin Firth played a major role. And the thing is, that the bad guy does have a valid point when it comes to how to save the planet. Which people who always root for mankind won't like. Though why let a Norwegian play the Swedish prime minister?

The Imitation Game - not the first time this true story is told, but in a very very good way. So much more deserving of the Oscar than the above Birdman-crap (pun intended).

What If - have heard so much good about this one so I have high hopes for it. Even if it's difficult to see Daniel Radcliffe as nothing else than Harry Potter. EDIT: Have seen it and it was darlin'. I find it sweet that the movie they go and see each on their own is "The Princess Bride", I did go and see that on my own too. Somehow it's a movie magical romantic and perfect to see by yourself.

So, a rainy weekend can be really really good for you. Movie-wise.

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