Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Weekend That Was, part I


As I have been feeling *a dash* under the weather this past plus week Easter was a rather uneventful - as far as hullabaloo, socializing, eating and so forth go - thing in this house and life. That said, it has been quite lovely and not feeling well and having a minimum sort of energy made for a lot of spotting for spring signs in the garden, teas on the terrace - having had no sense of taste nor smell for some days the eating of good food have been sorely non existing - reading and hanging out with hairy creatures (including one's birthday).

This blog will therefor consist of three concurrent posts, all on the Easter weekend that went - three because the moments are just too good to have to jostle one another in one post. First out is the fact that the garden is brimming with smallish yet wonderful signs of Spring and new or re-woken life ~


First sign of rhubarb!


From one day to the other, crocuses are thriving



Promising lilac shrubs...

Scillas overtaking (in a friendly way, I'm sure) the garden, flowerbeds and lawn alike. Green tulips popping up everywhere. Pearl hyacinths. Signs of peonies too. And of course, the pansies have been studiously planted. (And the ceramic ones most happily worn.) Ah, ain't spring grand ~


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