Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Eating Out - Café Landkrabban, Norrtälje

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At the day of Stina Smitten's 1 year gotchaversary we found ourselves in the vicinity of Café Landkrabban (Landlubber), Norrtälje town and thought it would be befitting to have a celebratory lunch there. Stina did get a chair of her own, but being a handbag and having to mind her looks, did only get to feast her eyes on the food.

We humans however enjoyed the food immensly and I must say that I'm most always quite pleased than not with the food, drink and service at this tiny café, be it summer or winter. Definitely my favourite place for unpretentious, light food served by nice staff when in that heck of the Swedish woods, as opposed to other more hyped places nearby...


Delicious feta cheese ciabatta sandwich


Ginormous serves two for dessert lovely, moist carrot cake


Lovely, simple fetacheese quinoa salad with an amazing herb dressing


Rather nice lemon cake

080121 011

As tea should be served in big cups, thumbs up for that far from unimportant detail

Café Landkrabban
Tillfällegatan 12, Norrtälje
Mon-Fri 10-18 (10am-6pm)
Sat 10-17, Sun 11-16 (10am-5pm, 11am-4pm)


Poppy Q said...

Pia, the carrot cake looks rather tasty.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Pia, you are so funny, you celebrate the acquisition of your handbag. I guess it is a handbag worth it! In the seventies "Gotcha" was a big trademark here, on tees, caps etc.)
The food looks delicious. Most of the time I am not impressed with the food I am served. It is always what is in at the moment, most of the time shoddely cobbled together but always costs a lot of money.
Everything is average or less. I am still looking for this elusive place where the cooks are enthusiastic about what they are doing. Put flair and zest into their cooking...aahh dreams. Most people seem to be happy with this sort of fare they receive. I hate food outlets in shopping centres can't stand them. Now I had my rant...Bon appetit.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Titania. Most people these days just seem to put their food on the table. But it is always good to see that there are still a few left who want their food to look nice as well on the plate and put a bit of effort in it. but way too few who do that.

Pia K said...

Yup, it kind of was too, Poppy Q...:)

Well, to celebrate and treat yourself is important, and so are handbags hence celebration essential when there's a "big date" for handbags, Titania...;)

Titania and Tardis - I must say that it's not that often these days that I'm unhappy about the way they serve food when eating out (and I am kind of picky, in a good way:), the taste may not always be to my liking, but it usually *touch wood* looks nice. Expensive sometimes, but also nice. My take is that you have to eat, then it should be good and look nice, I too loath food malls in general, brrr:(

Anonymous said...

All of this is torture to me. I have had implants screwed into my head and eventually teeth will sit on these. Meanwhile I cannot chew on anything harder that a boiled egg and it has been three weeks already!

Argh pity.

Pia K said...

That sounds rather horrible, Garry, I guess you have to try and keep your eyes on the price (and not blogposts like this) ad think of all the nice things you will eventually be able to eat again...

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