Thursday, April 23, 2009

thoughts on travelling

Someone once said that the best thing about travelling is coming home. And - apart from the obvious mind and eye opening features travels hold, possibly relaxation or adventure, educational bits and of course the mere experience of something new that most often (at least when older and hopefully wiser) makes one see the old ruts in a whole new, and far from always pleasing, perspective - yes I agree.

Because it's when you return home, had a good night's sleep in your own bed, unpacked the suitcases and bags, admired your purchases, done the laundry, downloaded the photos, had a decent cup of tea in a decent sized cup, recuddled with the furries, it's only then you can really begin to get to sort out your thoughts properly, get the best analyzing perspective of the experience and hopefully just bask in the afterglows of it.

Perhaps be utterly grateful for what you have. Long for something better, different, change. And the latter may apply for other beings than yourself.

So, before I've sorted those thoughts - and photos - out, any wild, or possibly educated, guesses, what have I been up to lately, where have I been hearing the omnipresent wing beats of history and basked in the real sun, just by looking at this single photo...?



roentarre said...

Such a beautiful city birds eye view

Pia K said...

Thanks, roentarre, glad you think so, it was such a hazy day and I wish the weather had been more crisp and clear. Well at least for photo purposes...:)

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