Tuesday, April 28, 2009

quirky bracelet

When you get to a certain age, you pretty much now what you like and dislike, and gift giving tend to get a bit more difficult to appreciate if you're not certain the gift giver has a certain knack for it or know you very well. So to keep from total disaster (money less than well spent) I do think giving hints on gifts one would appreciate, or for that matter things that would be very less than welcome, is the way to go.

And no, I actually don't think it's always the thought that matters. Because what if the thought is completely warped and out of touch. Giving money to a good cause instead of splurging on something silly that won't be appreciated is of course always a decent thing to do instead.


This quirky - and inspirational - bracelet is such a hinted thing though. I happened to spot it in the window of a certain favourite shop of mine - one I don't frequent nearly as much as I would like, but that is a very good thing... - and as it happened to be a distinguished day coming up, hint giving was the uttermost appropriate way to go.

I think this designer unknown bracelet is quite lovely in an understated way. In an ideal world of quirky bracelets I would have liked the silver rose bud to be a bit larger, but the bracelet that did offer that had such a drab fabric.

Haven't inaugurated it yet, as I am waiting for the perfect short sleeved day for that. Come that I'm sure we'll have much fun together.

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