Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Water Week - Loch Water


I'm sure that one of the reasons one finds Scotland's Skye so pleasantly relaxing and wonderfully picturesque is that most everywhere there is water present. And sheep. If not the Atlantic a loch, if not a sheep a cow. The stressful huffs and exhausted puffs of city life seems awfully far away on this magical island where the passing places are plenty and the pace may seem otherworldly its own ~


Evening by Loch Dunvegan


At Armadale pier


Portree harbour


Loch Dunvegan morning

Sheep on Skye

Blue bottom sheep


When Skye meets the sea


Evening in Colbost

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j00nior said...

I've always wanted to visit Scotland, that's where my ancestors are from. I've been to Atlantic Canada, and boy, these pictures can definitely compare to the landscape there. It's amazing, but if you think about the formation of the earth ages ago, with Pangaea, it makes sense, because the Canadian Maritimes was once connected to the British Isle, roughly.

P.K said...

lovely pictures of Sky, I don't know what it is but photos Scottish landscapes always take my breath away, thanks for today's hit

Pia K said...

Thanks for coming by, j00nior, Scotland is wonderful, home away from home, at pity it seems so far away and that one can't get away there nearly as often as one would like though.

P.K - thanks! Yes, it is something truly magical and breathtaking, whenever I see a photo from Scotland my heart do sings...

Terry said...

dear pia k,
these pictures are just wonderful.
bernie was an orphan and after we were married,i wouldn't give up trying to find who his parents were.
well when he was 33, we finally discovered that both of his parents,
mr. jackson and miss isabelle anderson were both born and grew up in scotland.
so it tried to convince him that he is pure scotch.
i told him that he is very fortunate to know his heritage.
after all most canadians are heinz many nationalities mixed in together.
this was such a great post pia k.
oh that blue bottom sheep...ever funny. was that natural or did somebody paint the terry

Pia K said...

Thanks! Ancestry is so interesting, Terry, one day I will explore my own more distant roots which I now a bit but not nearly enough about. I hope you and Bernie one day may be able to travel to Scotland to see the place for real. Like all countries and most places it has its pros and cons, but in the many right places, it's magical bliss...
I think the blue bottom sheep was paited that way so it could be distinguished from another herd, they all roam quite freely there. Another wonderful thing about the landscape!

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