Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sock Dreams


As much as I think socks, for men and sock wearing women, is a darn good gift I usually have had great trouble in finding the perfect ones for myself. Being a skirt wearer most if the times I've found them too short, too small, too tight, too ugly, too boring. Until now.

As I think I might quite possibly have found my new source of cute, wearable, durable (hopefully) otk (over the knee) socks. It's probably very good that the source is an American webshop, Sock Dreams, because if it was situated closer to home I would perhaps be a bit more (unnecessary) frequent buyerish person. And how many socks do one need. Really. Even if this site does make me look at socks in quite a new and exciting way. Gosh, I never knew...

From the five otk socks (of different brands) I ordered, I've worn three and they're all lovely, cosy, pretty in their own distinct ways (lacey frills, basic no frills). And there are such a vast range of different droolworthy socks (for both men and women and most tastes) to chose from, I'm rather certain I will be back for more...

As it seems like the weather is adamantly striving for proper Spring (touch wood since April is a infamous capricious month in Sweden) I'm not sure there'll be much time for these types of socks and boots wearing so the other two pairs will perhaps be saved for Autumn. On the other hand, those pink-walnut striped ones do perfectly match one cardigan of mine and they do look very Springish cute so maybe there is still time this season for their inauguration... Plus I certainly know one skirt who would be very happy with these companions for Spring.



Terry said...

oh more socks pia k.
they are so NICE!
they look so durable and warm.
i guess i wouldn't know the difference.
i would probably be wearing the spring and winter ones all year through..we sure needed warm socks this year for sure. such a cold, cold winter and we are still having it.
no april showers, no spring flowers , just snow and cold...yuk..
take care now lady pia k,the sock lady..love terry

Pia K said...

Thanks, Terry, oh yes, nice they are indeed! Sorry to hear about the bad weather, here we've had *touch wood* lots of sun, rather warmish weather and more is promised during this whole long weekend. Now if this darn stupid cold could peter out for real I'd be a happy bunny for sure...:)

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