Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eating Out - Café Lion, Esbjerg, Denmark

0807sem 020

Ah, reminiscing the good ol' days (last summer) with a really lovely lunch in Danish Esbjerg, before we drove to the England ferry. Quite unexpected, unpretentiously tucked away on one of those boring, uninspiring same looking everywhere European main street shopping areas. One delicious vegetarian bagel brimming with fresh, crisp vegetables teamed up with garlic - chili cream cheese on the perfect bagel bread, need I say more... And one delightful freshly prepared fruity smoothie.

0807sem 028

As the crepes looked mouthwatering, and the chance that we would ever eat there again sadly rather slim, it was a shared decision to share one. believe it or not, despite bananas and chocolate sauce, the verdict was that it looked far better than it tasted, not bad but just quite... uninteresting.

0807sem 032

If you happen to be in the Esbjerg vicinity - and don't mind a café sign that clearly needs some word police tweaking - and fancy some scrumptious bagels and smoothies, head to - the place that I hope is still alive and thriving - Café Lion, Kongensgade 72, DK-6700 Esbjerg

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