Monday, April 13, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walking


...and, finally, that's what they're gonna do!

I got these sturdy, lovely - as in they make a perfect cherry on a sundae combination with a pretty feminine dress or skirt - boots in London mid 90ies. They were actually a size to big - the only one pair left at a bargain price - but soles are good. (Note had they been one size too small I wouldn't have gone down that path.) Wore them a few times initially, but since then they have been semi-forgotten in the back of my closet for shoes only (every gal should have one, I'm blessed).

When I did some spring cleaning - so far that includes shoes (out of which I'm a happy keeper of all but one pair, a few need to go for lasting but they will hopefully continue to be mine after that), books (can hardly grasp the notion of cleaning out books, let alone actually do the dirty work, but I did and I'm proud!), papers, old magazines, china, kitchen utensils (why did I have an espresso machine, I'm completely illiterate at making coffee. I make good tea), fabrics, some boxes and bags in the garden shed (mainly consisting of trinkets I have no idea why I got, myself or as gifts, or kept for so long) and so forth. Still a whole lot to be done, a procrastinator's job is never ending - a while back I found them, tried them on. And as my feet seem to have mysteriously grown a size or so, they fit quite well these days.


Though they sadly lacked a decent pair of shoe laces. While I searched in vain in some city shoe shops I also browsed Etsy - the answer to most prayers for useful and pretty things - and found a shop that offered old silk ties recycled into shoelaces. That sounded awfully nifty, and soon enough came these pretty ones in a mailbox close to undersigned. As did a pair of laces with golf motive for M, who is a golfer. And as we all know, golfers are always in desperate need of style tips.

I think my grey/wine red laces look really lovely with the boots, they're indeed creatively handmade and do fit perfectly the shoes they were made for. They also have the sniff and purr of approval from one distinguished pansy inspector. Not every shoelace gets that.


As I haven't had an opportunity to use the boots yet thus test the new shoe laces' excellence or durability when worn that (important) part of pretty shoelaces still remains a mystery. But when the boots have been out walking, I will be sure to update this post with the trial (and probably and hopefully very non error) result.

Wanna get your own pair of shoe laces formerly known as silk ties? Just hop on over to BetternBefore on Etsy


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