Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stockholm's Hemstitching & Pleating Studio


I somehow doubt this place, these premises still serves as that, but I do think it's a seriously lovely sign - and a gorgeous building - that brings pleasant wafts of the past with it. And I just bet the place, hemstitching or not, is just lovely and inspirational to work in.

I can imagine it would be utterly nice sweeping by there in the mornings - park the red vespa prudently outside - and get to creative work, oozing brilliant ideas all day. Yeah, I kind of think it would definitely be rather sweet to go to work on those premises, pleating or not.


EDIT: a couple of years after writing this post I learnt that the studio is actually a famous recording studio these days. It can in fact be a bit chaotic on the narrow street when boy bands and such have recording session there. No pleating, no sewing, but music playing.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous-looking building, indeed.

I love your red vespa. I took a photo of a blue one the other day. Did you see it? I like this red one better.


Pia K said...

I've always fancied vespas, Paz, they're so snazzy somehow and these days I tend to see them everywhere, so how could I have missed yours...? Silly me.

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