Thursday, April 09, 2009

Felted Easter


I've given a sneak preview of my Easter twigs before, but here it is, in it's simple no frills cuteness. And I do love that the tiny green leaves have begun sprouting in the twigs. Naturally Springish. Ms Dotty Bulgy and Mr Pinkie Stripey are accompanied my Mr Perky Black Rooster and Mrs Plump Yellow Chick, together they form the Beauty Without Cruelty Easter Twigs Company in a ceramic pitcher in the residence of undersigned.


Myself I'm taking the broomstick to Blåkulla on this Maundy Thursday. Or well, not really, but if I was it would naturally be to a beautiful Blockula full of benign witches, good thoughts and matching deeds. And on the broomstick would be the (in)famous liquorice cousins and I and oh what a funfilled flight we would have!


~*~ Have yourselves a lovely, relaxing long Easter weekend ~*~


Terry said...

ha pia k...those two little easter birdies are cute but what a peeping tom that mr stripey is..
did he swipe one of your socks.
very fine looking indeed...
happy easter my friend and god bless terry

is that a green ball with all those little easter eggs stuck on it..
the ceramic pitcher is exquisite..

Titania said...

Pia are these cute easterlings your craft work. They are so adorable and a very pretty easter decoration.

Pia K said...

Happy Easter to you too, Terry!

Oh I wish, I wish, Titania, no bought at a crafts shop. I would love to be able to felt myself, I did miss out on a course I had enrolled in a few years back and after that I haven't felt really incline to try and learn... Yet.

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