Saturday, April 25, 2009

tulip head scarf


I love tulips. I love scarfs. I love red. And carefully handmade things in good quality. If it comes at a reasonable price, all the better. Add to the love-list accessories that makes me look snazzy - yes, all things relative - and well combined. Hence this head scarf is of the lovable kind.

The gorgeous tulip pattern on silk screams both spring and me, the reverse side is cotton jersey which neatly holds it in place without hair pins. Yes, thank heavens, in place it stays even on one ridiculously silky, downy, frizzy unmanagable Scandinavian hair type of person. Call me Ms Tulip Head.


More lovely, flattering scarfs can be found in kikapic's shop on Etsy


Mona Anderson said...

Wow - we all love silk scarves, don't we.

The tulips are looking gorgeous.

Do you like handpainted scarves or printed ones? I paint on silk myself and am thinking of finally selling items - but I want to focus on things that people would like to wear and use. For my spring collection, I was thinking scarves, ponchos and saris. What do you think?

Btw, you might find some cool scarves here (


Pia K said...

Thanks, Mona. Well, handpainted are of course very special, but if the printing is well made and the scarf too...

How nice that you're thinking of selling your things! From the three items you mention, personally I only wear scarfs, I'm just not a ponco or sari person although it can look great on others.Good luck!

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