Thursday, April 02, 2009

Plaid Pleated Bargain


Happened to be looking for a good all-round-work-well-with-jackets-non-summery-skirt, found one tucked away at the NoaNoa outlet - the amazing winter coat a couple of winters ago was from the same place of nice findings - and it happened to fit reasonably well. Being of a slightly tulip-shape thus very roomy it's great for not only ordinary days but also balloon tummy ones. Dark pink cotton plaid - does it get any better?


Cute and well made details - look at that little lace hidden inside the waistline, isn't that adorable?


The skirt in all its plaid glory. For a whopping price of... 100 sek ~ 12 $ it moved in with me. Gotta love Danish design and a well pleated bargain.


Titania said...

Pia, this skirt is adorable and I love details like the lace inside. It shows that the garment was made with thought and pleasure in his or her work. The price is unbelievable! Great buy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Wonderful find.

Have you worn it yet?


Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania! I always treasure little unexpected details, which most often shows what you mentioned.

Thanks, Paz! Yup, worn it, love it, didn't expect it to be quite as roomy as it is though, should have gone for a smaller size, but nevermind, it's lovely anyway:)

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