Monday, April 06, 2009

Water Week - The Stockholm Lock

Water never seize to fascinate, amaze and scare, the essential giver of life as well as treacherous bringer of death. It's beautiful, peaceful, calming, cleansing yet two-faced sinister, dark and threatening. This week will have a watery theme, but fear not there will only be the peaceful version of water moments in this blog, welcome to water week ~


This is Slussen (The Lock), a name that derives from the locks between lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea in Stockholm. It's also one of the city's major traffic junctions, many underground trains connect here, as well as boats, buses and of course there's room for other trains, cars, bicycles and pedestrians to connect if they like.

It may not be the prettiest of places and rather dilapidated these days, but it still for better and for worse serves its purposes as a junction rather well. There have been ongoing plans of renewing the area and its construction for quite some time now. That may be a good idea, though I do hope the renovation and renewal will be made with care, consideration for history as well as the future and soundness as that is far from always the case when builders are involved and city council get starry eyed wearing the spender pants.


water week is a theme shared by the following blogs:


stromsjo said...

Slussen is unavoidable in so many ways, the watery essence of the city if you will.

Welcome to the theme, Pia.

Happy water week !

Fredrik said...

Glad you joined us. Great start!

crocrodyl said...

Beautiful view! I like also the idea of comparison with the old picture!:)

Pia K said...

Thanks for inviting me, Per!

Thanks, Fredrik!

Thanks, m_m, and I'll tell you a secret, the pictures are actually taken at the same occasion the other day, sepia is neat for such anno dazumal effects...:) But I do like to prove a point too.

Terry said...

dear pia k,
large bodies of water have always scared me...
i don't know why.
maybe because they are so powerful and noisy, and maybe because i can't help but think of all the boats and people that they have swallowed up!..
these water pictures of yours don't make me afraid though.
they are very gentle, and the life of the city is all around it.
love terry

Pia K said...

On gloomy days or in bad weather I do think the waters here too are rather... unpleasant, Terry. It's something scary, treacherous, evil lurking down under in the dark, I've never been very comfortable with water like this, too much of an imagination and maybe happenings in another life, who knows. But water too makes for pretty photos and wonderful reflections and...:)

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