Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Treat - Stroopwafels

It was love at first bite with these deliciously decadent, or so they feel at least when added to your breakfast on the town, traditional Dutch Stroopwafels (syrup waffle cookies of sorts). I first met them in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, but the only one I have managed to found in Sweden was a package with a disgustingly poor imitation at Rosendal's garden which had very little but appearance to do with the real thing.


In order not to pine away longing to get a bite of them again I then put the whole taste sensation in a dusty ol' drawer deep down in the back of my mind. Until now. Because as it happened M did acquire a few packages of these waffle delights at his latest trip to Holland a while back - my stroopwafel-desperation must have made a seriously lasting impression. And yes, this supermarket version does taste at least as good as the more exclusive/expensive versions.

Due by date in May for the last package, it will be saved til then and every tiny bite of caramelly chewy crispy loveliness will be savoured the very last week. Apparently one can make them oneself, though somehow that would tarnish the magic I think. I also noticed that there's an Association of Stroopwafel Addicts, the truth is out there, I am not alone.

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Terry said...

hi pia k,
these look so scrumptious..
very few canadian people make them but we were friends once to a ukrainian lady who used to make them a couple of times a year.
she had to use a special machine for them. i am pretty sure that she put liquorice extract in them and they were so good.
i don't know where she stored them but i am wondering if it was the freezer.

guess what pia golden is now the proud owner of a lap top.
bernie and i picked it up for her this afternoon and she will be connected this tuesday.
oh, it will help her so much in her lonely hours at home...i just know that she will be writing letters to her friends and i am going to show her how to make a blog..
i am so happy for her pia k.
thank you for your most kind words on my blog and please, you and all those lovely pets of yours have a happy terry

Pia K said...

Oh, that is lovely, Terry, that she finally embraced the idea of a computer! I'm sure she'll have loads of use and fun by it.

I hope your Easter was a fine one too:)

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