Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wellies, oh wellies


As much as us Scandinavian sun worshippers adore the sun there can clearly be too much of a seemingly good thing. Sweden, at least the Stockholm area, needs rain. Quite a lot of it if the parched nature is anything to go by. The ideal would naturally be rain by night and sun by day. But of course, at the moment I'd love to see a dash, or much more, of rain anyway the weather deities see fit. Because it is dry, too dry for comfort, too dry for this time of the year.

If (when!) it rains I will be wearing my wellies. At least if I'm not going to walk a whole lot, because frankly, they do leave quite a bit to be desired as far as long wearing comfort and feet ergonomics - is there such a word? Now there is anyway - are concerned. Something I didn't realised until after I had walked a lot in them. Their sweet looks are both alluring and very deceiving. I blame it on the pink lining, I couldn't resist that.

Or the mesmerized chequered pattern on the one pair (brand unknown) that came with a rather hefty price tag that I wouldn't dream of paying today, but which I felt was totally reasonable all those years ago. The lining of the apricot ones also have flowers. Always a big plus. And they come from NoaNoa. Another big plus. Pretty to look at. Pretty to wear. For about 15 minutes. I blame the less than completely satisfactory investments on my wellies-soft-spot.

Because such a spot I'm guilty of - in a very pure non fetisch way of course -, I would love to have loads of wellies in different colours and patterns. If they were comfortable. And if the amount of rain falling would make such investments justifiable. At the moment it clearly doesn't.


Poppy Q said...

Pia, it has been raining here since last Saturday, and is forecast to continue til Sunday at least. So we would be happy for you to have all of our rain, for it feels like we are living in a big puddle.

We call them gumboots here, and I have been looking a sweet blue pair in the local shop window.

We hope you get out and about at the weekend.

Ohhh and the bracelet is very sweet.

julie and poppy Q

Pia K said...

Oh, yes please, Julie with Poppy, some rain to this thirsty side of the world would actually be quite lovely.

Blue gumboots sound cute, I hope you'll be able to call them yours...:)

Nope, unfortunately not a lot of out and about since the now 5 weeks of cold is still here, sigh.

Glad you liked the bracelet!

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