Tuesday, September 01, 2009

smart dog tuesday - in the swim of things

I used to be under the impression that dogs in general loved having fun in water and swimming. Not so much this loaf doggie of mine. Yes he likes to skip around by lakeside as long as he has certain touch of bottom (lake bottom), he probably even loves that, but he really do. not. like. to swim. and. not. touch. bottom.

I can in fact very much relate to that anxiety, I really do not like to swim in places where my feet don't touch ground either. Though, I'm not a dog (I think), thus I don't have to love swimming and fetching sticks in water.

And no he doesn't particularly like taking baths in bathtub either, luckily he's to small (but he acts strangely heavy when one whispers 'bath' and lif him) and well-behaved (indeed) to complain too much about it other than having the most hurt and sorry-for-himself facial expression imaginable.

On rare occasions we try and make him appreciate the joys of swimming without touching bottom, most always in the company of dogs who very much love doing just that. The fearless, crazy water fetching sticks loving kind of dogs that we hope will have a positive influence on one-not-so-fond-of-deep-waters-loaf dog.

Last weekend was such a swimming lesson occasion. During which he swam not only one, or two, but three times. All under great cheers of encouragement and awe. It wasn't until I downloaded the photos from the lake outing I realised the little loaf's expressions during swimming lessons were truly priceless ~

'seals are supposedly great in water,
i will turn seal and float'
'ok, have seal look on,
rudder ready, will float'
'not sure this was a good idea, really'
'nope, not a good idea'
'and you, you just stand there
when i clearly need some help here'
'best dog manages himself
(but i still think you should have helped)'
'boy was this a long swim or what'
'a little assistance appreciated, guys'
'it's not as if i don't borderline love water,
i just think it's prudent to touch ground'
'as i've already shown my swimming skills
i think it's safe to stand on jetty
looking all perky, eager to play'
'looks like if i was wrong about that
safety and jetty thing'
'slippery rock, slippery rock'
'me not like slippery rock'
'almost there'
'now was i great or was i great. as usual'
'i can't believe the audacity'
'there, all bloated, happy now?'
'can. we. please. go. home. now.'

Malte, such a trouper, confident, trusting, game fellow and on occasion he does go (semi) wild in water. I kind of dig him and his quirky loafy ways. Seriously do.



P.K said...

your dog has character, and good natured to have endured this experience. He is extremely adorable.

Wendy said...

Lol! The cutest photos ever! Well done, Malte. I can't keep Marco out of the water. He looooves to swim.

Pia K said...

thanks, p.k!

thanks, wendy, i'm sure marco could teach malte a thing or two about the approach to water:)

Lisen said...

HAHAHA! Best photos ever! Malte - go-go-go! :)

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