Wednesday, October 07, 2009

almost wordless wednesday


Some days I find myself surprisingly
all worded out -
then it's nice to keep quiet,
let summer meet autumn and hope for
wordly inspiration's return
after a good, early night's sleep ~



Terry said...

hi pia k...i was just thinking of you today...well actually i think of you quite often...but today i was looking at the jack in the pulpit post that i made for you so long ago it seems.
i sent the url over to a friend because he is a gardener and i had wondered if he ever saw them before.
i shouldn't be neglecting you either because you are the only blogger other than someone called the canadian blogger[ha!] that i have on my desk top.
pia k, just five weeks ago or so, bernie and i went to visit my beloved mantioba and i saw beautiful wheat fields just like this that you have photographed...
i scanned down your blog before i commented here pia k and i think i saw three gorgeous cats that i want to visit now.
god bless you pia terry

ps...these two little statue people remind me of two good friends that can sit awhile with each other and be silent, still enjoying each others company..
they don't have to say a word....silence is golden....

Pia K said...

hi terry, how sweet to hear from you! yes, to be able to enjoy the silence in good company, where words aren't needed is really golden. and rare. and precious.

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