Thursday, October 22, 2009

the tartan, tweed and hat crush


I'm a person with special fondness and soft spot for many things, luckily many of them is of the free of charge nature's splendour kind. The fondness I have for tartan I suppose is a blend of possibly cost - as it's such a darn irresistible wonderful pattern that come in endless, amazing colour combinations and it works well with everything. Always -

and free - as in just seeing them I get all giddy reminded of the special place in my heart played by Scotland and England.

Tweed is another fabric, pattern, quality I have a serious crush on. Not only oozing britishness, it's also stylish and cosily autumnal. Works well, as far as I'm concerned, with everything, always, during the chillier season.

Then there's hats. Granted these days I am more of a cap than a hat person, but I still get all mushy aw-ey when I see something tartan-tweedy-hat-ey. But since I'm prudent (there is a time for everything) I rarely act on that tartan-tweed-hat urge. Hence the aweness seldom ends in something coming home with me. My latest going-all-the-way tweed hat crush was the Skye one - yes, it's an ongoing affair, I can safely say I still, for always will, love that quirky, lovingly handmade, moodlifting beauty -

Well, the last until the other day. Found it, was mesmerized, tried it on, developed a crush, decided to think 'if it's still there a later day, it was meant to be'. When I went back to shop some days later a woman was tampering with the hat and hesitantly put it back on shelf. Instinct made me run and leap for it, because life just can't be so cruel that the crush hat would end up on someone else's head and right in front of my eyes at that.

This sweetie is now gilding my Autumn. I love the 1920ies smallish scoop shape, the details - it has a fine paisley lining too - the quality, the tartan, the tweediness and the wonderful, cheerful orangey-violet colour combination.


Do you have any favourite patterns and fabrics?


edward and lilly said...

That is such a cute hat. I love tweed and also linen and gingham.

P.K said...

Love that hat!. What an excellent find. I am fond of tartans, gingham, stripes and my favourite fabrics are linen and silk.

Ady said...

That is a cute hat!
As for patterns, I am simple, I adore stripes but I usually stick with solids.
As for fabric, I am extreme, I love chunky wool and fine silk lace. Usually layered and worn together. :)

Lola Nova said...

Ok, now I have a crush on that hat!

Hawk and Weasel said...

Well done! Oh, the horror of seeing someone else almost buying it!
Lovely hat.

I bought my first hat this fall - a brown felt floppy one - I feel either like a movie star from the 50's or like a costume party on the run when I wear it, and it's always hard to predict ahead what it will feel like. But I'm working on it. Just have to make it feel normal to myself.

Pia K said...

thanks, edward and lilly! gingham, that's a new material for me, will have to google now...:)

thanks, p.k, ah another gingham lover:) oh yes, stripes rock too and definitely linen *heart*

oh, lace and chunky wool together, i totally dig such combos too, ady!

oops, sorry, already taken, alex;)

your new hat sounds fab, hawk and weasel! i'd love to see it in action (as much action as a still pic could be that is).

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