Monday, October 05, 2009

lime collar, turquoise skirt and cheese bread

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This little wool-mohair-touch of glitter (not usual my idea of fun, but it turned out rather sweet in this bubbly piece) collar was made a couple of years ago. Haven't worn it once (reason being I've been too wrapped in shawls probably). I think that wrong must be turned right this winter. If it's a cold, cold winter. Because it's a warm, warm collar.


Same issue with this little flighty flimsy excuse for a wool skirt - yes it's supposed to be a skirt, myself I wouldn't dream of using it as a skirt only, but it works well and sweet as a part of the beloved layering style over a proper skirt or trousers - made a couple of years ago, never worn. Now I've added the ribbon and secured loose ends. I think the wool yarn in this dark turquoise is a lovely nuance which goes so well with any autumn colour.

Life would be very unfortunate and drab without colours.


As for the cheese bread, well, fresh from the oven I can say that it turned out so, SO (and I'm not big on the shift or caps lock buttons) much better than I would even have imagined when I struggled with what I presumed was a too, too loose dough. This is a piece of bread heaven, spelt-wheat-feta-cheese bread (recipe from an Åland café, one day I may feel inclined to translate and share the tweaked a bit recipe).

Perfect chewiness, dash crust crispy, perfect amount of nice feta and other vegetarian cheese baked into it. One doesn't even need a dollop of butter to claim it is truly amazingly good...



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I've only recently been introduced to spelt bread, but am already a fan. I would LOVE to have this recipe if you have a moment...

Lola Nova said...

Wonderful colors, lovely bread! I'm hungry now.

Anne said...

The skirt is gorgeous!! And the bread looks lovely too :)

heidikins said...

I love and adore that skirt! So swoony!!


Titania said...

Hi Pia; Such a cute, warm collar to spice up any "drab" winter jumper, and so special, not from the next chain store. Boutique style skirt; wonderful colour and so much work went into it...wear looks stunning..I wish I still could!
This cheese bread looks very tasty. I think it would be also perfect to eat, thinnish sliced, as an entree with a nicely chilled Chardonay!

Ady said...

Are these colorful pieces crocheted by you? They are lovely!

AidanF said...

The bread with the slight twist looks good. Do you have a link to the recipe in Swedish? Or will I need to hold my breath that you post a translation in the future?

Pia K said...

afos, i will post the recipe some day not too far away, promise!

aidan, unfortunately (or not) the recipe is only in book and not online, but yes i will post the translation soonish. no need to hold breath:)

thanks, alex!

thanks, anne, will wear it at our next coffee date me thinks...:)

thanks, heidikins, glad you think so!

thanks for that sweet comment, titania!

thanks, ady, they certainly are:)

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