Thursday, October 01, 2009

a guide to the birds of east africa

With a whiff of Alexander McCall Smith but with a style of his own, Nicholas Drayson has made quite a delightful read with "A Guide to the Birds of East Africa". Yes, it does involve bird spotting, though cleverly woven into the witty story is not only humour (hadada), but also life and death in Africa (the story is set in Kenya), love and hate, politics and corruption, crime and passion, ingenuity, thoughtfulness and old fashion (sadly) honour.

The main character Mr Malik certainly shows that there can be more to a person with a pathetic comb-over (the ones that make any sane person squirm with awkwardness) and the book is an easy, charming and overall lovely, heartwarming with a touch of sadness read.

And this has to be the shortest (but sweet) little review of a book I've ever written.

Now go forth and read the book.


heidikins said...

Putting it on reserve at library. Thanks for the recommendation!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll put this book on my list of books to read. Thanks for the review.


Pia K said...

look forward to a nice little read, heidikins!

you do that, paz, hope you'll enjoy.

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