Monday, October 12, 2009


I admit having read (more than) my fair share of creatures of the night and supernatural phenomenas books. I believe my interest regarding this peaked in my teens, possibly early twenties. I still find the subject and lore quite fascinating, but I can't say I jump at anything vampireish in literature and movies these days. Far, far from. Discerning, that's me.

And as I'm not in the (presumable) "Twilight" target group of 15-17 year old girls I can't say I loved this book, far from. My 15th year inner growth ring tells me I would have wholeheartedly loved it at that target group age though, with its intense, impossible love story, the odd outsider finding an improbable soul mate, flirting with danger yet being so very romantic it is rather dreamy for girls that age.

Not a girl that age I find Stephenie Meyer's writing far too childish yet patronizing, the story not satisfyingly implemented, soppy, long winding and repetitive. I also think the main character Bella's low self esteem quite annoying and the constant-oh-Edward-is-so-outlandishly-handsome-how-can-he-want-me mantra ridiculous.

That said I do enjoy a bit of 'impossible' romance in books and first person narrative is the best, but I doubt I'll read the Twilight sequels. I hope to have learnt from the read-all-seven-Potter-books-that-was-at-least-four-books-too-many mistake. For first person narrative, well written romance literature for grown ups I will look somewhere else.

But it was nice to have met you, Twilight novel, reading you late at night rendered some strange, evocative, thought provoking dreams, for which I thank you.


Poppy Q said...

I agree with you Miss Pia. I kinda liked the books, except Edward was a bit over the top with the soppy attraction. Like you I think I would have loved them when I was 15, but at 40 I feel a bit too old.

Happy reading my friend.

Pia K said...

two birthday sharing minds, one thought, julie:)

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