Sunday, October 11, 2009

nifty recycling


Found these inspirational, cute showrooms at lovely Alsta gardens a while back. I think the recycling of old things shown were quite ingenious.

tractor seat table, coffee pot flowerpot, rake candlestick
candlestick shovel
waffle iron candlestick
gramophone flowerpot
Can't decide on a favourite (apart from the gorgeous big rose tea cup of course), but the transformation of the rake is rather fascinating. It sure made me look at the stuff in kitchen cupboards and garden shed in a whole other light. Come summer there may be some nifty iron transformation going on in this residence too.


denise said...

The variety of ways in which candles were displayed is just fabulous--very inventive! I think the rake is my favorite.

Pia K said...

fab, oh yes i agree, denise, and that rake is great indeed!

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