Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eating out - thé à la menthe, copenhagen


I was so, so pleased when past summer discovering that one of my once upon a time favourite places for food in Copenhagen, Thé à la menthe, had reappeared (at least to us out-of-towners) in a slightly new shape (but definitely non the less pleasing in looks). Excellent, spicy, vegetarian Moroccan food, reasonably priced generous servings (too generous for the non starving eater) and really, the sweetest ambiance possible.

M frankly really doesn't know how to relax and enjoy perfect places like this to the fullest (is that a guy thing?) and finds the food a bit *suspicious* and too odd in flavours (poor thing), but if he wants to enjoy a meal AND the company of undersigned his only choice is to tag along (and my sneaky suspicion is that he doesn't think it's as bad as he lets on, really, he just *needs* to keep his guy-behaviour intact).

The medium priced food on offer at this charming, relaxed Morrocan tearoom restaurant/café is basically vegetarian but for those who have the urges to eat pieces of dead animals one can always add that to the dish...


I opted for this lovely looking mixed plate with vegetarian samosa and lots and lots of spicy flavours. Too much food to finish, but it was really scrumptous, every little bit of it.


I would have liked my coffee with delightful, chewy big pieces of cardamom, like they used to serve it, but it was still a smooth, nice roundoff to the spicy main course.


Many (most?) of the things on display in this combined restaurant/café and shop is for sale. Overall rather pricey though, so for me the place acts more as an inspiration for home decor rather than getting my purchasing instincts going. I really adore the place's colourful mix of Eastern meets Scandinavian interior.

Food - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 5/5

Value for money - 4/5


Thé à la menthe, Moroccan tearoom
(with a website address that doesn't work)
Rådhusstraede 56,
Copenhagen, Denmark
open mon-thur 10-21 (10 am-9 pm),

fri-sat 10-22 (10 am-10 pm),
sun closed
tel +45 3333 0038


Catherine said...

looks lovely..wish I lived closer!

P.K said...

My type of place, Copenhagen is a bit out of the way.

Pia K said...

oh yes, me too, catherine!

mine to, p.k, it's such a great feeling wherever one finds them. a pity when they're out of the way...

zia said...

Dearest Pis..

Thank you so much for your blog about us in The a la menthe.
I was so happy to see all the nice foto you took.

Please contact me if you can.

Have a happy day...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry... Dear Pis = Dear Pia.

I was so happy that i made a mistake...



Pia K said...

hi, zia, i'm so glad you liked my post! and never mind, the pis-mistake, you're forgiven since it was because of joy...;)

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