Friday, October 02, 2009

friday reflections


:: Today I did the unthinkable in the world according to me; I wore slingbacks with tights. A grand no-no as far as I'm concerned, but left foot needed change and heels and the weather + shoes in wardrobe didn't offer much choice.

It is good to challenge yourself now and then - and this challenge falls into the category of not-shawing-your-legs-before-having-a-massage-or-leg-involving-doctor's-appointment and the-non-using-of-deodorant-for-one-day-unknowingly-but-still, the horrific but somehow manageable category - and it wasn't (didn't look) as bad as I usually think it does.

That might have something to do with the fact that the tights I found while rummaging my stockings-bag were deep wine-red and they rather complimented the brown shoes (el naturalista rana tharu in brown). And left foot was reasonably happy throughout the day.


Will not be a regular feature in my appearance out and about. But, (not counting the oh so visible in sun cat hairs all over) apart from the tights getting all dusty, it was okay for a day.

:: Contextually the above colour tights/shoes I have found this past few years that there's most always easy to find and combine to good to be true nuances and colour combinations of the already existing wardrobe content. I'm not sure that should be admitted, as soMe would see that as a sign of wardrobe being more than enough extensive. I call it 'subconcious colour instinct prudence'.

:: As I rant on a semi-regular basis I trust meteorologists as much as the average politician ie not at all. I have however decided to give them the benefit of the doubt this weekend, as they say there'll be really bad, grumpy weather and I feel that any excuse for staying tucked under cover, resting foot, snoozing, reading, writing and crocheting/knitting should be taken for the uttermost truth.


:: On Saturday I will get out of bed to cook though. On the menu is this whopping thing of an organic (secretly on stereoids) courgette. And it wasn't even the biggest of the bunch. The dish will surely last all weekend, and then some.

:: The alarm clock snooze certainly must be one of the greatest inventions ever.

:: I've just finished reading 'We bought a zoo' by Benjamin Mee. It's far from the perfect book, but I think that it was the real life imperfection that made me love it the more. Though its major flaw is the more than rather annoying lack of a decent setting of the book, really, publishers...

:: On Sunday it's the lovely, very important Cinnamon Bun Day. My buns are in the freezer, ready to be thawed. I couldn't be bothered to bake my own this year, so I got them at the always grand Enskede Gamla Bageri (home of the Stockholm super semla).


:: Where did September go? I blinked and then it was October. And, too soon, I will be one year older. Hopefully wiser at least. And I take comfort in the fact that it is the month of stripy woolly leg warmers.

:: Today was the last day of computer class - well perhaps I can wriggle it into five more weeks just to cram in another course at a later date. Which would be terribly good if I could - celebrated in style with an afternoon tea at lovely as always Ester's. If there was such a thing as scones coma, that would be the place to get one.

:: Job interview next week. This has been a long, very long time pending kind of interview. I believe they have seriously mismanaged the whole recruitment process, but still on paper and as a notion it does sound like a very, very interesting function. And besides, call me weird, I most always think attending interviews is quite fascinating and fun. As analyzing people and their behaviour always is. A job interview is such an interesting two way process of appraisal and approval (or not).

On my part there will not be any tights in slingbacks.

:: Word of the day; huggermugger. What's not to love about such a splendid word.

~ Now go right ahead and have
a lovely first October weekend ~


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

The very best of luck with that interview, Pia... We're keeping fingers, toes, and paws crossed here

Anonymous said...

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day! Perhaps, I'll look for a cinnamon bun here and celebrate, too, with you.

Paz ;-)

Ady Grafovna said...

I like the purple tights!

Lola Nova said...

The tights are a vision, reminding me of the last of the eggplants (aubergines) in my garden. As for meteorologists...I'd do better to look out my window. I am thinking it might be pumpkin bread this Sunday that I will put into the oven though, cin. buns sound lovely, I can almost smell them.

Happy October to you! Your photos are as always, gorgeous!

Pia K said...

thanks so much, afos, first interview went rather well i think. there will be a second one some day soonish. so keep those fingers, toes and paws crossed...;)

i hope you celebrated the day in style, paz!

thanks, ady!

thanks a lot, alex! pumpkin bread sounds lovely:)

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