Saturday, October 17, 2009

magic yarn


Truly it is. Magic as it turns into fantastic little patterns along the knitting way making the end result looking intricate and very artsy. I've been drooling over this yarn (wool, bamboo, acrylic blend) for some time now, one can safely say that the colours covered are that of all the rainbow and then some and it's such a challenge to just chose one, chose right.

The only thing that kept me from investing is the (no, no, no) fact that I probably don't need more yarn (imagine that). Plus I'm not keen on synthetic yarn or using iddy biddy needles. When shop keeper showed little (totally irresistable, ya' know) knit samples it was just impossible to leave without a couple of new projects.

Not keen at all on knitting socks, but socks it will be. And hopefully it will be so much more fun that I recall it. The power of yarn shouldn't be underestimated, clearly it can make all the difference, the bundle of wool blend joy ~



Anonymous said...

I like the colors. Nice-looking yarn.


Pia K said...

thanks, paz, me too. sooo looking forward to start making something with them!

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